Our fleet

The company has a stock of modern vehicles and trailers of renowned brands. All means of transport are regularly replaced with new ones, which allows maintaining the fleet in a very good technical condition, ready to accept new transportation challenges just any time. Ongoing warranty servicing of our vehicles is provided by authorised ASO services, which always guarantees functional and ready-to-go fleet.

For transportation purposes the company uses:

  • Trucks that meet the EURO 6 exhaust emission standard
  • Modern and light curtain trailers (13.60 m – 34 pallet stations) to transport all types of goods, including dangerous goods (ADR), holding a certificate confirming safe transportation of tyres
  • Universal container trailers to carry all types of containers, i.e. 20’, 2 x 20’, 40’ and 45’
  • Special SLIDER trailers to transport heavy 20’ containers
  • Ultra-light trailers (3,750 kg) to transport heavy 40’ containers
  • Trailers equipped with own power generators (GenSet)